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designer red and black shoes
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designer red and black shoes
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Kelly Preston Dies of Breast Cancer at Age 57
designer red and black shoes
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designer red and black shoes
designer red and black shoes
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designer red and black shoes
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designer red and black shoes
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My husband had shoulder surgery & has to wear a big sling for several weeks. We needed to find a shirt big enough to fit around him and over the sling. The 4X shirt fit perfectly & looks great.
I have a macral problem and need dark glasses. these seem to give me protection from light sources. I have tried more expensive glasses, but these are every bit as good as a $65 pair tha I had been using. they seem to be sturdy and reasonably well made. price is great since I lose a pair a week
My granddaughter loved it fit her perfect
Works great. No complains.
I love it. It's so light, convenient size.
I liked the crispness and neatness of the package it was not damaged or scuffed. Excellent
Arrived exactly as advertised! only complaints, the box arrived sealed with three strips of waxy blue tape that left a residue when removed scrubbing with light chemicals was needed to remove. the thin construction of the faux wood box is extremely thin to form the box's hinge, will need to take great care opening and closing the box.
I kept misplacing my glasses, so I purchased this product. I love it. By by eyeglass case when you take your glasses off for a few minutes. I now just let the glasses hang around my neckm
Comfortable fit.
This is a beautiful Leather wallet, with lots of slots for credit cards and a zippered pocket for small change. I love it and the fact that is RFID protected is an added bonus. It is very well made and it has a double stud closure to keep everything safe inside. I had fraud on my debit card through skimming recently, so I ordered this wallet to keep my credit and debit cards secure and safe
These are legit, high quality real Ray Bans. This is my second order from these guys.
I was originally considering the Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger as an iPad carrying case. I was disappointed to read that the inside compartment wasn't large enough, and that I'd need to get the next larger case - the Lunada. I didn't want something too large, but it turns out the Lunada is still very compact and fits the iPad 2 in an Otterbox Defender just perfectly. There's about a half inch to spare on each side, and two inches on top. Not only does it fit the iPad without any trouble, there's still plenty of room to make this an overnight bag, pack miscellaneous gear, etc.

There are a few different configurations to wear/carry the bag: left or right shoulder, around the waist, or tuck away the shoulder straps and carry around the handle. I love the fact that the bag stands upright on its own and doesn't slouch or fall over.

The construction feels very strong like all Maxpedition products. I have other Maxpedition bags and they seriously look like they have no wear/tear. This is the bag to get.
These shorts are
Comfortable/ stylish using them when riding Peloton / home gym

Fit very well waist is 34-36
Super cute and stylish. Perfect size for essentials!
Fit well, material is nice. It was darker than the picture provided which is the only negative but overall not bad. I like them.
Very nice purse! Real leather
My daughter loves this swimsuit. She wants it every time we go to the pool. It fits nicely and it so cute.
I am always afraid of ordering clothes online. These Wranglers are exactly what I ordered and fit perfectly, not like some Chinese shorts I ordered that were two sizes too small. Can't go wrong with Wrangles. Made in the USA.
I dont know how this hoodie has such good reviews. Its wider than it is long. The pocket comes all the way up to my chest, and the size of the hood is tiny. The neck is also very tight. Horrible hoodie.
I wasn't able to find my size in any store so I was happy to find these on Amazon. The long legs that don't ride up are extremely comfortable and the size is perfect.
Its amazing
Did not get the colors I expected, also description states super soft material which is definitely not accurate. Would not purchase again.
The purse is very large and heavy. I may return it. Also, the smell is horrible! It stinks and I don't know if it will air out and go away. I am seriously thinking of returning it.
The collar got all loose and flappy, not happy.
I love it
Look cool thank
these are not top quality...they will do since it seems gentlemen do not use them much anymore...they are not what i am used to purchasing for my far they are holding up and work...
I expected the joggers to be made of a sweatpants material. However, they are actually made of t-shirt material. It is comfortable but not sufficient to wear alone if the temperature is lower than 50 degrees outside. I do recommend these joggers. For the price it's a great product